Section 8 Participants Housing Inspections

Section 8 Participants Housing Inspections

A Section 8 Voucher-holder’s unit is inspected by the Housing Authority prior to move-in and then again each year during the re-certification process. All units must be in compliance with HUD’s Housing Quality Standards (HQS). Please refer to the Sample HQS Checklist to better understand what is included in a typical annual inspection.

Sample Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspection Checklist

During the annual inspection, an adult family member must be present. The owner (or their assigned representative) is encouraged to be present, but is not required to be there.

If the family misses the first schedule appointment without requesting a new inspection date, the Housing Authority will automatically schedule a second inspection. If the family misses two scheduled inspections without prior contact with the Housing Authority, the family will be considered to have violated its obligation to make the unit available for inspection. This may result in termination of the family’s assistance.

The family is responsible for correcting the following deficiencies:

  • Ensuring all tenant-paid utilities are in service
  • Providing and maintaining the family-supplied appliances
  • Repairing all damage to the unit or premises caused by a household member or guest that is beyond normal wear and tear. “Normal wear and tear” is defined as items which could not be charged against the tenant’s security deposit under state law or court practice.

The owner is responsible for all HQS deficiencies not listed as a family responsibility. However, it the family’s actions constitute a serious or repeated lease violation, the owner may take action to evict the family.