Section 8 Participants FAQs

Section 8 Participants FAQs

What are my Section 8 Responsibilities?

Your Section 8 responsibilities are also known as family obligations. If you need a copy, contact your Housing Technician.

What if my family or income changes?

Changes in household composition, income and criminal history must be reported in writing within 10 days of change.

You must get Housing Authority approval before adding someone to your household (this includes spouse).

Please download the Participant Change in Status form and submit it to the Area Housing Authority or visit our Central Office.

What if I want to add someone?

If you wish to add a person or persons to your household, you would need to contact your Housing Technician.
The Housing Authority will not approve an addition to household if it has been determined that the sole purpose is to benefit the family financially by providing additional assistance.

The family must obtain approval of any additional family member before the new member occupies the unit except for additions by birth, adoption, or court awarded custody, in which case the family must inform the Housing Authority in writing within 10 days. Such additions will not result in a change of voucher size if the family size still conforms to the maximum occupancy guidelines for that unit. The voucher size will be reevaluated at your next annual recertification.

The Housing Authority will determine the eligibility for all additions to the household prior to giving approval. Some reasons for denial might be a criminal history, owing money for a previous claim, a history of alcohol or drug abuse which resulted in disruption of the peaceful enjoyment of the neighborhood at a previous address, or your landlord not approving the person you wish to add. If the addition to household is denied, the Housing Authority will send the participant an ineligibility letter stating the reason for denial.

Will my unit pass inspection?

The unit selected to be subsidized under the Section 8 HCV program must annually meet minimal Housing Quality Standards (HQS). Please refer to the Sample Housing Quality Standards Checklist for more information.

What if I have a problem or concern about my unit?

You should first communicate your concerns about your unit with your landlord. Put repair requests in writing and keep a copy for your records.

If your concerns are not resolved after contacting the landlord, then you should contact your Housing Technician.

What if I want to move?

Read your lease agreement with your landlord to determine if you are eligible to move and to ensure proper notice is given.

It is important not to move until you have met with your Housing Technician and have been approved to move. Contact your Housing Technician to make an appointment.

Your Housing Technician will verify your eligibility to move and provide you with the paperwork.

You must give the landlord a written 30 day notice or completed Mutual Termination form. Keep a copy for yourself and send a copy to the Housing Authority.

A Housing Choice Voucher and a Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) packet will be issued. You or the new landlord will return Request for Tenancy Approval packet to the Housing Authority with the proposed rental agreement.

The new unit must pass the Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection before assistance can begin. The inspection is scheduled when previous tenant has moved out, and we have received the Request for Tenancy Approval packet.

Upon the unit passing the HQS inspection, the Housing Authority will mail the completed Housing Assistance Payment Contract (including the Tenancy Addendum) to the landlord for signature. The landlord shall return the signed forms (including signed rental agreement if not previously provided) to the Housing Authority.

Assistance for the new unit begins when all paper work is completed and returned; and the Housing Authority’s and your obligation to your previous landlord is satisfied.

Payments will not begin until this process is completed.

Current unit payments will be made through the date of the 30 day notice or Mutual Termination. There will be no exceptions. You will be eligible (if the steps above are complete) for assistance in the new unit the day following your 30 day notice or Mutual Termination.

If you decide not to move and request to remain in your unit, a written notice, signed by the landlord, must be given to the Housing Authority before the move out effective date to resume the rental assistance in your current unit.

If the tenant moves without giving proper written notice to their landlord and the Housing Authority, the tenant will be terminated from further Section 8 Assistance.

You must leave your previous unit in good repair and pay any unpaid rent and utilities. Your housing assistance can be terminated if you leave your unit damaged, dirty, or leave personal items, food, or garbage.

What if I don't want housing assistance anymore?

You can discontinue your housing assistance by sending a request in writing to your Housing Technician.