Raemere Street Duplexes Property Tour

Raemere Street Duplexes Property Tour

Location: Camarillo

92 & 94 Raemere Street, Camarillo, CA 93010

Type of Complex:

Family Housing
Number of Units: 27
2 Two-bedroom units in one building

Year Built:

Construction Cost:


The Raemere Duplex is located at the edge of the City of Camarillo’s redevelopment district. With the high cost of housing in the Camarillo area, the Raemere Duplex preserves affordable housing in an area developing a considerable number of large, high-end family dwellings. Once purchased by the Area Housing Authority, the property underwent considerable renovations.

Close to shopping, transportation corridors, and employment centers, the Raemere Duplex offers an easily accessible housing opportunity. Upcoming redevelopment projects in the area will provide additional amenities to the area including increased parking, additional street trees, wider sidewalks, more street lights, and improved access to community facilities. The units are restricted to households which do not exceed 80% of the area median income.